I Love Sissy Boys Presents . . .

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Hi, guys, I'm Peyton!

You don't have to tell me about how badly you want to be a girl. I already know. Believe me, I have met sissies like you before. You all wish they could be beautiful and perfect in every way like me, but since you can't, you will settle for being the student in my little sissy school instead. And what do you know? I just so happen to be accepting new students. ;)

The first thing we're going to do is throw out all those man clothes you've got in your closet. You don't need those things anymore, so let's get rid of them. You can throw them away, or you can donate them to the homeless if it'll make you feel better. Either way, they've got to go.

After that, we're going shopping. As amusing as it would be to see you running around naked, if we don't want you to get arrested, you'll need some clothes. Some *girly* ones. I prefer to actually go to stores so that you can try all the things on, but I suppose we can do it online if we absolutely must. I have a good number of "girl" friends that I shop with online! After the clothes comes the visit to the salon - a real treat!! You'll need a new hairstyle, a mani/pedi, and makeup, too.

Once we get back home with all your new things, that's when the feminization fun really begins. You'll be all dolled up by then, so I can teach you to act like a girly-girl as well. The first thing we'll need to do is lock that cock of yours up into chastity.
Girls don't have clitty bumps in their panties, you know!

Ready to get started? Awesome. Call right away and ask for Peyton!