I Love Sissy Boys Presents . . .

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So you say you want to be a woman, huh? Well, I would be more than happy to help you out. But let me warn you--it won't be an easy process.

Sure, any loser can be a sissy. All it takes is a girly-looking outfit and some cheap red lipstick. But to become a woman? That's a little more difficult, and it takes a lot more time. But if you think you're up for the challenge, then come on over and let Miss Mary Jane get started on your total sissy transformation!

It takes more than clothes and makeup to make the woman. A complete feminization will require a totally different mindset from you. Don't worry, though, I'll help you with that part. I have my ways of making it happen. You'll feel all your body hair melting away. Your flat male chest will begin to bloom and grow big, beautiful, ripe melons. You'll start to develop a sweet little girly voice to go along with the rest of your new feminine attributes. And, of course, that already tiny cock of yours will start to shrivel down to clit size. Sounds exciting, doesn't it?

Once your body is perfect, the rest will follow. We'll get you some nice outfits and teach you to do your hair and makeup properly. Then, you can learn to walk correctly in the highest of stiletto heels. And after all that is taken care of It'll be time for you to learn the best ways to please a man, just like a real woman!

Are you ready, pretty lady? Call and ask for Mary Jane!